the funds

These are the funds we currently provide research or advisory services to.



The Etherbridge Fund applies a discretionary long-only accumulation strategy, investing across the four core themes of digital assets being decentralised money, smart contract platforms, decentralised finance, and other Web3 technologies. All investments are made on a fundamental basis and have a time horizon of three to five years. We aim to identify and invest in market-leading decentralised information networks coordinated via global communities whose value appreciates as user demand for the networks service grows. Our research approach evaluates every digital asset from a technology, governance, and economic perspective. We diversify the portfolio both through themes and a technological approach. We aim to concentrate our investments into networks whose services are unique, superior when decentralised, present clear measures of performance and that have the ability to develop and maintain economic moats over time.

The Voyager High Yield DeFi Fund was established to provide capital lenders access to yield-based investment opportunities made available through the growth of Decentralised Finance (“DeFi”), a subsector of the broader blockchain industry