Michael is a co-founder of Etherbridge and the current lead of web 3.0 technologies and decentralised applications.


With a background in investment management, business strategy and innovation, the transition into the cryptoasset industry was natural for Michael.


Leveraging blockchain technology Michael believes that we can create a more inclusive, improved economic system allowing anyone who wishes to use it the freedom to do so.



Jason is a co-founder of Etherbridge and is the current lead of layer one technologies and decentralised finance.


Jason has a strong academic background holding a Bachelors in Accounting and a Master of Science in blockchain and digital currency.


Understanding how blockchain is simply an accounting evolution enables Jason to see the implications and far-reaching effects that such a technology presents.


Operations Advisor

Brendan’s previous experience spans nearly 20 years and covers a huge geographical area from London to South Africa via Mauritius.


His most recent role was as Head of Operations and Product Development at Sanlam Global Investment Solutions, a subsidiary of Sanlam (the largest financial services provider in Africa).


As an advisor to Etherbridge, Brendan counsels the team in regards to their operations and structures.

Investment and Strategy Advisor

Hugo is a blockchain specialist in the broader FinTech industry. His experience in the digital asset space was solidified as the lead analyst for the Hyperion VC fund, the first tokenized VC fund in the world.


Hugo now spends most of his time as a core team member of the Stackr project, a platform aimed at democratising offshore trust accounts to build an alternative type of digital asset custody solution.


As an advisor to Etherbridge, Hugo counsels the team in terms of the investment thesis and strategic decision making.

Technology Advisor

JonJon is passionate about technology, education and sustainability. He is deeply rooted in the blockchain space having won multiple hackathons (London, Berlin, Turin, Cape Town, Bangalore) and presenting at multiple international blockchain events (Paris, Davos, Zurich). 


In his industry experience, he focused on data science solutions providing risk-managed exposure to index funds. He now dedicates his time to innovating in the sustainability sector using newly researched economic models (Harberger Tax, Quadratic Finance), implemented through blockchain.


As an advisor to Etherbridge, JonJon counsels the team in terms of the technological aspects of their investments.