why etherbridge

Etherbridge is a research first, thesis driven organisation, navigating the digital asset landscape with specialised knowledge to effectively reduce risk to investors.

Why Digital Assets

Why Etherbridge?

Etherbridge was founded to provide a traditional secure solution to digital asset management. 

Etherbridge is a research first, thesis driven organisation. Navigating the digital asset landscape requires specialised knowledge, effectively reducing the risk to investors in the space.

Research is at the core of what we do. Blockchain is considered a foundational technology, this means that its applications are almost endless. Therefore, the ability to identify the projects and networks that have the most potential can become complicated and carry additional risk. Not only do you need an understanding of economics, but of computer science, mechanism design and governance too. Our job at Etherbridge is to understand how individual decision making and strategic interaction occurs between participants in a digital ecosystem.

However, this is only the first step we take in reducing the risks investors will be exposed too in this new asset class. Digital asset investment solutions require robust infrastructure and any investor should ensure that their preferred investment vehicle has the following in place when making these investments:


Digital assets are considered barer assets. If someone gets access to your private keys, they now control the asset. Therefore, the way your assets are being held need to be a core consideration when making investments in the space.


Digital assets and effective reporting can be very confusing. From airdrops to hard forks, the ability to effectively and accurately account for them can help clients avoid legal and financial risks.


Ensuring that assets are independently verified and valuated should give clients greater peace of mind. It also adds another layer in the protection of your assets, separating managers and control of the asset.


As digital assets are currently treated differently by governments and regulators across the globe understanding their legal status becomes very important when making an investment into different projects and networks.


When buying and selling digital assets the brokerage you use needs to have robust infrastructure in place to ensure that you are receiving the best prices and liquidity

Service Providers

The Etherbridge team uses and consults with the following service provides to ensure that clients have complete peace of mind when investing into the digital asset industry